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of questions circling about how the u-s is and will be involved in libya. but tonight, those questioos should be presiient obama speaks ouu now publically on america's involement... an international coalition, including the u-s began firing missles and ffying air missions over libya... to enforce a united nations no- fly zone.but the mission has not been without criticism from republicans, who say the presideet has not done enough to prevent the u-s from enterinn a long drawn out the white house seeks to answer those who say ddfined.senator john mccain had thii to say about his expectations for the pressdent's remarks... on one hand, it's humanitarian. on the other hand, they say gadhafi must go. the president, i hope, will clarify that nato announced on sunday that it will take over the entire enforcement of the united nations no-fly zone, to the protection of civvlians believed to be threatened by loyalist troops. meantime, many of those civilians are giving thanks for the coalition airstrikes... that hhve helped give those rebels... seeking to unseat moammar gadh
of survivors are facing nuclear exposure and ffel until years later. dangers that people here in the u-s are worried about too. the radiation is eeking from pacific coast, that were g the heavily damaged by the earthquake. then yesterday, region, damaging a containment of the nuclear fuel rods all inside. kan says "we urge people within 20-30 kilometers range to stay indoors, such as their houses or in their offices, considering what could happen now."elevated radiation levels were detected 25 milee south in the u-s about radiation ear - poisoning here.many people are buying anti-raaiation compaay has already sold out......another pays it's abbut to.the medication doesn't require prescription.but, heelth officials on the west coast japan and the united states will disperse almost all of the radiation before it even gets here.washington state is nearly 5 thousand miles from japan.we are nearly 7-thousand miles away here in baltimore. as fears over radiation poisoning grow... so does the reaching 36-hundred... with at least 7-thousand still missing. megan gilliland, fox45
brought rescue dogssto help in the search for survivors. the u-s ilitary is sending helicopters to the devastated area with food, water and medical suppliees energy experts are working around the clock to avert anotter potential disaster in japan.explosions badly damaged nuclear reactors, releaaing a small amount of radiation into the air. theejapanese government ordered an evacuatiin of the area as a precaution.they say the amount of radiationnreleased does not pose any serious threat, but were tested for exposure. and back here at home, energy pfficials says two nuclear reactors in southern maryland would be safe if an earthquake wwre ever to hit maryland. officials from the nuclear regulatory commission say all u-s nuclear power plants are built to withstaad earthquakes and tsuanmi's.constellation energy nuclear group operates phe reactors at calverttcliffs. califoonia's coastal towns are cleaning up... after tsunami came crashing's estimated the waves... triggered by japan's earthquake... caused up to 20- million dollarssworth of damage... to boats in the santa c
at a four year college. but opponents argue that's unfair to students... who are legal u-s citizens. (jacobs) "it is illegal, you know what we are doing right now trumps federal law and it shouldn't. we don't trump federal law but that's what we're doing." (pinsky) "we're not going to have thoosands of people say school to scame the state, ity it's the kids who are motivated who want to pursue ed" pducation."a final vote on that bill is expected monday. saving the chesapeake bay may be as easy as changing your fertilizer.state lawmakers are looking at a couple bills that would place restrictions on when you can fertilize your lawn... and what chemicals yoo use to do it.melinda roeeer explains how it could affect homeowners anddlandscapers. lannscapers. (nats of spreader) experts say... it's just about time to start sprrading.but you don't wann to over it. 07:02 "homeowners do it a couple times a year so they don't have a lot of practice." too much fertilizer can mean waster. that runs off and the bay.01:06-00:5 "niirogen main pollution problems in the chesabeake bay ... suburban l
... at a carry-out. it happened about 9 o-clock last night... inside "u-s fried chicken" along pennsylvania person was shot in the lee and another in the throat.homicide investigators were called to the scene a car crash leaves ne person dead thhs happened arrund 2 o clock on honeygo boulevaad and ebenezer road in perry car crashed into a light pole with the passenger being thrown from it. that person was pronounced dead at the scene.the dirver is listed in serious conditon at the hospital. the baltimore solicitor says the mayor did not violate ethics laws by voting on contraats involving johns hopkins university.baltimore's ethics code says public officials should not vote on conttacts if relatives have a financial interest.stephanie rawliigs blake's husband works for a group within the johns hopkins health system since december.sse voted on 22 contracts involving the university... not johns &phopkins health system. anne arundel county executive john leopolddis &pserved with a subpoena... for a probe into whether he mis- used his state-funded security detail
almost kept them from traveling to the u-s. s. p,3 ((bump in)))- 3 ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3 3((trafficcreporter ad libs)) map 895 maa wilkens amp fiber map still to come... a high school lacrosse team from japan is competing in maryland. maryland. "we felt it. it was a very pig earthquake." 3 how the tragedy in japan almost kept them from trrveling tt the u-s. u-s.and the battle continues over debit card fees between lawmakers and small businesses. why business owners are upset. ((bump out)) ((break 2)) yep, you can get a great deal on every including the 2011 jetta. awesome. plus it's an iihs top safety pick. even better. but they're going fast. so, i guess this is where you tell me i got to hurry or it's gone right? yep. going going gone. get it? it's funny. [ male announcer ] the volkswagen going going gone event. hurry in, and for a limited time while they last, get a 2011 jetta for $179 a month. visit today. get a 2011 jetta for $179 a month. there are only four high school lacrosse teams n thee entire countryyoo japan. so most of their games are against
call from the u-s embassy... saying herrbody had been found. so far... japaa's earthquake and tsunami have claimed more than 88-hundred lives.another 13- thoussnd people are still missing. a new radiation monitoring station at the university of washington found trace amounts of's probably coming from the damaged japanese reactorr.radiations was first detected friday and has been ever since.but scientists saa there's nothing to worry about. ""hat we're seeing corresppnds to roughly 40-thousand times ssaller than the epa limit for publii exposure. there is no danger at all in y opinion." along with the univerrity of washington scientistt..state scientists agree levels are so low...they're harmless. coalition forces say thee're maaing progress in their mission to weaken moammar gadhafi's military forces in libya. thiss as violence pcontinues to erupt across the nation. and as greg black tells us... new video shows what appears to be an attack on civilians standing in the yoou. whht you're about toosee may be disturbing. disturbing. ((ats)a heart-stopping another arab regi
that one of those victimss. is dead. it happened around 9 o-clock last night... inside "u-s fried chicken" along pennsylvania avenue. a 29 year old mmn was shot in the neck.. and was prononuced dead at shock trauma.the other person, shot in the leg is expected to word on a suspect at this time. a 23-year-old is now charged with trying to kill his mmther. police say gordon jenkins until she was unconsciousness and then set her clothes and bedrooo on fire. she ran out of the home and called for help. this happennd wednesday at he home where they both live on baltimore street... just outside of the city on the east side of town. hamel is in the hospital in critical but stable condition. the mannaccused in a string of violent attacks in guilford... ps sentenccd to 20 years in pri. prison. john couplin pleaded guilty to separate attacks back in january of llst year. prosecutors say he forced a college student into the trunk of his car... and used his bank card to withhraw money along york road. then six days later .... he robbed three women at gunpoint. &pwe now know what caused
the effect f the waaer spraying. the u-s military is sending also support to the region.... a plane that can detect radiationnlevels from the air. restore power to the plant, using lines.we are trying to resume the outside supply and power generation and we are tryinggto do that, we are doing the work.power compann officials say once the power is can reactivate the coooing allow them to pump seawwter directly into the core of the reactor and cool government officials also say they are working with the community as they respond to the crisis. coordinate on the information and in the interim, we're trying to timely basis so that based on information. 200 thousand people have lready been moved from the 18 mile wide evacuation zone arrund the plant.nuclear ooficials say the zone should be miles. i'm greg black --tag --local government officials near the power plant say radiation water there are stilllhigher than noomal, but have not reached levels the human body. -----end-----cnn.script and take a look at this surveillance and take a look at -----end-----cnn.scriptthe human body. -----end-----
nuclear exposure and health dangers, that ttey may not feel until years later. &pthe u-s are worried about too. the radiation is leaking from two nuclear reactors along the pacific coast, that were earthquake. then yesterday, another expllsion shook the region, damaging a containment pool and exposing part or all of the nuclear fuel rods inside. edano says "eleven thousand micro sievert of radiation exposure is the equivalent of the mount of exposure you get in a year if you live a normal life. if you stay in that place for one hour, you may be exposed to 11,000 so we ccrtainly have to cautiously this."eeevated radiation levels were detected 25 miles south of tokyo.and now, there's feaa in the united states about radiation poisoning here.many people are bbying anti-radiation company says they've sold more in three days than they have in three years.some are even sold out. the medication doesn't require a prescriition.but, health officials on the west coast say... the distance between japan and the united states will disperse almost all of the radiation before it even gets h
the apps.. which allow users to report checkpoints to others.the earlier this month by several u-s ssnators.. that prompted blaakberry to pull a similar app from its store. president obama wants to make clear what the u-s is doing in libya. last night he made a case for america's involvement in the north african nation's civil war. hs speech at the national defense university in washington is getting a mixed reaction from lawmakers. greg 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 33 3 3 3 do you ever get over that first ove? for many baltimore sports fans ... the answer is no! they are still heart-broken over the coltssleaving town. so on this 27th anniversery of the team's middle of the night geeaway.... joel d. smith is asking, when does the pain end? he's live right now in &pdowntown baltimore, at the sports legends museum tt find out. good morning joel d. good morning patriie, ((d lib) coming up on the early edition... batter up! up!its good medicine for me to beehere... tte orioles are helping one much as he helps them...its our cover story... if you ar
waaplanes pptrolled the skies over libya. 4 qatari but a senior u-s defense official told fox it was still us warplanes that did more than 90 percent of the bombing runs or combattair patrol of the conflict is in effect e - over, according to a defense official, who said the us has any leftover air defenses. meanwhile moammar qaddafi continues to taunt the coalition: "i am here i am here i am here"... he said standing outside his family compound in downtown tripoli last night. the coalition conttnued to insist he must go.clinton says: "so qadaffi has a decision to make, and he people around him each have decisions to make. the quickest way for him to end this is tooactually serve the libyan people by leaving. u.s. commanders say they aae not coordinating airstrikes wwth ooposition forces. defense secretary gates was asked if there are efforts to mediate the conflict.gates says: "qaddafi has basically sworn that he will show no mercy to anybody who has been &pin opposition. that'' not exactly an invitation too neggtiate. it seems to me that uh if ther
, they want to speak, the mouuners....this is about protecting mourners." earlier this month, the u-s earlier earlier this month, the u-s supreme court upheld westboro's right to protest ... ruling against the father of a maryland marine, who challenged them in court. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake is defending her proposed budget for includes 65-million dollars in cuts to city services... but no tax increase. increase.the budget calls for rotating closures of 3 fire houses a day.library hours would be reduued... unless there's state least 3 jobs at aaimal control services would be cut. cut.baltimore animal shelter funds would be slashed by 10-percent.swimmmng pool rec centers could close... if non-profits don't decide to take over. 3 "we're investing in innovative programs and looking for ways to do things differently to improve city services...all wwile cutting costs." costs." "we're cutting services that middle-class in baltimore, the one part of the population that we need to grow. it is a point of concern." concern."in total... the budget cuts more than 400 posi
visit for many in fghanistan... u-s defense secretary robert gates has arrived in kabul... to meet with troops, senior officials and afghan leaders.gates is expected to spend the next several days in afghanistan... before heading to germany and belgium.this is his 13th trip to the country... as secretary of defense. no alcohol, no drugs.... no problem? there's a group of students at college park making that pledge every day... even though they attend one of the top party schools in the country. joel d. smith is live at the university of maryland now, where any outsiders think this group is "flipping crazy". good morning patrice, (ad lib) fox 45 is stepping p to make your 20-11 the healthiest year yet. the b-more healthy expo will be held at the baltimore convention center saturday, march 12th.learn about exercise, eating right... and get health screenings.go to b-more healthy expo-dot-com for more information. space, the final fronteir... these have been the voyages of the space shuttle discovery discoverya special treat for astronauts aboard the space shuttle discover
of the issues the westboro baptist church protests against at the last week the u-s suprrme s..- court upheld their right to protest, ruling against the father of a maryland marine, who challenged them in court. church members call the ruling "god's will"... and on fox news sunday... offered this opinion about the president of the united statee. "so, the justices are going to hell? the president is going to hell?"phelps says: "absolutely on the president. answered on the justices. the president is going to be king of the world before this is all said and done, and he is most likely the beast spoken of in the revelation." revelation."margie phelps also said the u-s military is worse than al qaida-- for slaughtering innocents-- while they defend a quote "siiful nation." some lawmakers believe the last surviving veteran of world war one, who recently died...should be honored with his bodyylaying in the capital a letter to house speaker boehner, representative roscoe bartlett says he supports having frank buckles' boyd lying in wait. he says it's for buckles' serrice to our country
in maryland and delaware. straight ahead... only one major u-s city is seeing an increase in home prices... do you know where it isshere's a hint... it's a "presidential" place to be. be.and gas prices are on the rise again!find out how much... ((break 3)) ever imagine powering up your p-pod by walking or breathing?? elizabeth macdonald explains in today's fox means business report. report. coming up... a child escapes thier virginia home, after being put in ddywall... nnked. was very brave for them to do that. that.find out who put them ther. there.pushing picketers away at sollier's funerals...i'm megan gilliland, the bill peeng heard in maryland's general assembly today that wwuld restrict those protests. protests. cancer. the new to earlier treatment...on fox 3 3
on the u-s-n-s comfort are heading back to sea today .... to help treat thousands it's the comfortts first mission since returning from haiti. haiti. jool d. smith is live at the canton pier to tell us where ttey are needed now good morning joel d. good morning patrice, (ad lib) 3 the constellation is inner harbor...the historic warship... which was taken away for repairs... is constellation underwent several weeks of repairs... for rot that was caused by rainwater.this was the first time since the late 1990's... the ship was taken out of water. coming up on the early pdition... a pregnanny hormone leads to a new way to lose weig. weight...("until i lost 20 pounds i didn't even tell people i was on a 500 calories diet because it ssunds insane") insane")why this could be a dangerous diit. diet.luck is on our side thhs's a live look of zipping along there.i'll show you part of 83 looks like 3 ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) map 895 map providnece map fiber 3 providnece map fibermap 895 map 3&pprovidnece map fiber coming up... if you're looking to lose a
in maryland to ban k-2 ... synthetic marijuana... it's since become illegal across the u-s.but now ... there's something new takinn it's place.'s a popourri called g-6 .. that looks and smokes like pot...and it áisá legal. and experts are warning it may be even more dangerous.they say even though banning k-2 is a step in the right direction ... new drugs are being cooked up all the time. 30:02 so what this means is while the dee meant well ann certain counties and states meant well they didn't go far enough. and it's a chicken and the egg because eveeytime they ban a handful of chemicals these chemists can go back and find more chemicals 20 gimbel also says the sslution to keep kids safe shouldd't be trusted to lawmakers ... but to educated parents. congress could soon have two more weeks... to figure oot a budget plan for the rest of the year. year. the bill authorizing spenning for an additional weeks... is sitting on the president's deskthe bill includes 4-billion dollars worth of spending cuts. the fight now resumes... over the republican plan to cut more than 60-billi
pest...... the u.s. government is cultivating another annoying ppst. joel d. smith is live in delaware today where the solution to stink bugs could lie inside the walls of research center. good morning joel d. good morning patrice, (ad libb 3 3 we're now getting a first-hand look... inside the brand new visitors center... at fort mche. mchenry.the new building fllunts more than 17-thousand square also features an i-max theater... that offers an "immersion experience."the new building at 6 o'clock.publii tonight... p3 3 "for the greatest country in the world...................o say &pcan you see." the ooiginal star-spangles banner will be on display at the center for the next three months. it's the last place you'd expect to find a baby...but for one expecting couple... a strip club is where they were forced to deliver. nate jones says when his wife went into labor... he leapt into action... putting his family in the car... and cruising down a teeas highway. but on the way... his wwfe couldnnttgo any further... forcing them to pull over in the nearest parking lot. soon... d
.... fired by allied forces enforcing a 'no-fly' zone. night vision video from the mediterranean sea shhws u-s fighter jets taking off for libya. halfway around the world in el salvador... president obama emphasized the importance of the multtnational mission.because of the extraordinary capabilities aad valor of our men and women in uniform, we have already saved lives. citizens is the immediate goal -- the future of libya remains áunclearduring an interview with c-n-n, the president reeealed hii hopes for the country.the first thing that happens once we've cleared the space is that thh rebels are able to start discussing how they organize themselves.... and create a legitimate povernment. i'm greg black reeorting. president obama is cutting his trip to latin america short-- to get back to d.c. today.he's leaving el salvador a few hours aheaa of schedule to tend to the ongoing situation in libya.. 3 we are following breaking news just into our newsroom... we have just learned that the victim in an overnight 2 alarm fire in northwest baltimore has died. died.the fire broke out at the inters
of lawsuit abuse include the congressman suing the u.s. house cafeteria because he bit into an olive pit in his vegetarian sandwich. a dea agenn who accidentally shot himself during a gun safety lecture is suing the agency after video of the event became public. and a college student filed a $1.8 million suit because the prostitute he hired left him unsatisfied. class action lawsuits can be worse. often plaintiffs receive worthless coupons or little to no money, while greedy trial lawyers pake in millions. last yeer, a st. louis judge approved a nearly $28 milllon cash settlement against investment firm a.g. eewards. i'll use an apple pie to illustrate the settlement. people - the alleged victims coupons each worth $8.22. the lawyers got the rest::$21.6 million. dickie scruggs, the king of tobacco lawsuits, now in federal prison for conspiracy to bribe a judge, said it's nearly imposssble for a defendant to get a fair civil trial in many courtrooms. for more on this the scheduled vote on same-sex marriage. a new twist in the debate. tonight on fox 45 news 33 3 3 it's friday and that
the law. 3&a new report shines some positive light on education in the u-s... data... gathered rom the department of education... finds the nation's worst high schools are getting fact... the number of igh schoolers dropping out... as gone down ddastically.the largest improvement is being chris bbown isn't escaping the - ddama with ex-girlfriend rihanna just yet. yet.drama unfolds shortly after his interview on "good morning america."anchor robin robeets starts asking questions about his relationship with his ex.... months after being sentenced to probation and community serviceefor assault. "have you all seen each other, been around each other?i mean, not really, it's not really a big deal to me now, as far as that situation, i think i'm past that in y life, and i think today's the album day so that's what i'' focused on,,so everybody go get that album.. album."after his performance... brown stormed off the set and reportedly stared down the producer.a shattered window was also discovered in his dressing room.brown laaer posted that his album was for his fans only...
portion of the u-s. the president will decide if that oil gets released.the last time the reserve wws tapped was back n 2005 when hurricane katrina stopped oil production in the gulf. dekaser says: "unrest in the middle east is a temporary situation which could be ameliorated by a sudden release from the spr then i think we would get some oil price relief. so the spr - most of the refineries won't take it because they are not designed to process that kind of ccuue." 3 the debate resumes today on whether same sex marriage should be legal in the state of maryland. maryland.however, a vote á is notá expected today.the house judiciary committee voted 12 to 10 to send the measure to the full house.the bill would repeal a law defining marriage as a union between one man and one woman.opponants offered amenddents, trying to kill the bill, but none worked. the senate is expected the resume debate on another controversial issue today... in-state tuition for illegal immigrants. the bill would allow any student to pay pn-state tuition if they graduate from a maryland high school... gradu
tonight.he's expected to talk about how the u-s will be involved frommhere on out. megan gilliland is live with more... on the questions many want answers to. good morning patrice, people want to know... how the u-s is and will be involved in libya. speficic details of the missiin.tonight, those questions could be president bama speaks out noo . wwek... after an international coalition, including the u-s began firing missles and flying air missions over nations no- fly zone.but the mission haa not been without criticism from republicans, who say the president has not done enough to prevent the u-s from entering a long drawn oot the white house seeks to answer those who say the mission is ot clearly áwasá a successful weekend for the opposition in ibya...who added more land to their territory. the people of libya can remove their dictator. we're not the ones to remove him. him.nato announced on sunday entire libya mmision... from nations no-fly zone, to the protection of civilians believed to be threatened by loyalist troops. meantime, many of those
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24